Auto Repair



Auto repair has never been easier than it is with Ace Auto & Marine Electric Inc. We complete car repair in no time, and this is a result of the…

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Auto Alignment



For auto alignment in Clearwater, FL, choose Ace Auto & Marine Electric Inc. – it’s a no brainer. Auto alignment, when properly carried out, is all about…

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Electrical Repairs



Car electrical repairs in Clearwater, FL are best completed at Ace Auto & Marine Electric Inc.; it’s as simple as that. Technicians at our auto electrical…

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Clearwater Auto Repair | Ace Auto Repair & Marine Electric Inc.

Ace Auto & Marine Electric Inc. is the ultimate destination in Clearwater, FL for auto repair because we combine unparalleled work with great customer service and low pricing. Our auto repair technicians are passionate and driven workers with years of experience in their field. They will amaze you with their level of expertise, and your automobile will benefit as a result. Don’t make the error of working with a less reputable or less experienced auto repair mechanic when you have our services at your disposal.

Ace Auto & Marine Electric Inc. has received specific renown throughout our existence for terrific auto alignment services. Auto wheel alignment is an important service to act on quickly, or else you place yourself and your family in danger if the car is in use. We will get your car back on the road, fully aligned, in no time, and at little cost. Our technicians are super efficient at executing top-notch auto alignment, and our services are subsequently swift without sacrificing accuracy or quality.

Our technicians are proven professionals with years of experience in the industry to apply to your project.​

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